We're Your Cheer Squad

With close to 50 years' clinical experience between us, the Next Bite PFC team is dedicated to sharing best practice in feeding therapy for Australian allied health professionals.


Holly Tickner

Speech Pathologist (MSPA, CPSP)

Chocolate Conoisseur


Asha Bodycoat

Speech Pathologist (MSPA, CPSP)

Coffee & Croissant Gourmet


Julie Hunt

Speech Pathologist (MSPA, CPSP)

Champagne Afficianado


Dayna Norcliffe

Speech Pathologist (MSPA, CPSP)

Gardening Guru

Dayna Norcliffe

Dayna is a Senior Speech Pathologist at Next Challenge; a multidisciplinary private practice in Western Australia. She has worked with many children with feeding complexities throughout her career and enjoys collaborating with other health professionals to provide evidence based, comprehensive mealtime support. Dayna found her passion for paediatric feeding and mealtimes while still at university and sought numerous professional and learning opportunities that launched her into the feeding space upon graduation. She takes special clinical interest in the areas of developmental delays or disability, picky or fussy eaters and starting solids.


Dayna is passionate about providing a responsive approach to intervention that fosters a positive relationship with food and family collaboration where the child is at the center of the therapy journey.

Julie Hunt

Julie has more than 20 years’ experience as a Speech Pathologist working with children and families. She is a founding member and Director of Next Challenge; a leading multidisciplinary private practice, based in Perth, Western Australia.


A key and extremely rewarding component of Julie's role at Next Challenge is to support allied health therapists to feel totally confident and skilled to provide the best service they can for the children and families they take into their care. This desire extends into ensuring any therapist in our community is also supported to do their best too.

Julie sees food as fundamental to humans - for health and wellbeing, and sharing with people across family, social and culture.

Julie Hunt speech pathologist does toddler feeding therapy
Asha Bodycoat

Asha is also a Senior Speech Pathologist at Next Challenge. Her clinical background is in early intervention for children with developmental delays and disabilities. 


Asha loves to get creative with feeding and mealtime therapy. Once she works out what clicks for a child, you may well find her re-enacting a Disney food scene with real  props, or applying tomato sauce as "make up". Asha particularly enjoys working with autistic children and their families to make mealtimes less stressful. At the core of her approach to feeding therapy is helping parents and carers to understand how their children experience the world, in order to shape meaningful and responsive interactions at mealtimes.

Asha is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Autism Diagnosis through the University of Western Australia.

Holly Tickner

Since graduating over 15 years ago, Holly has worked almost exclusively in the area of paediatric feeding difficulties, which has become her clinical passion. Holly has spent most of her career working in the paediatric and neonatal tertiary hospital setting, however she has had the privilege of being able to work across additional sectors, including paediatric mental health, community settings, the disability sector, and early intervention. 


In addition to this, Holly has taught on the subject of paediatric feeding disorders to other health professionals across the state and has lectured on the topic to students at Curtin University and Edith Cowan University.


Holly is always interested in discussing evidence based practice in the world of paediatric feeding and has recently taken on a role as a reviewer with The Informed SLP, writing on the topics of paediatric feeding disorders and early intervention.


Can you tell we love learning?

Here's our shared list of professional development courses:

AEIOU - An Integrated Approach to Paediatric Feeding 

Nina Johanson


Appetite: How to Foster Hunger & Wean Kids from Tube Feedings 

Melanie Potock & Holly Knotowicz


A Practical Guide to Managing Fussy Eaters 

Dr Julie Cichero


ARFID: The Anxious Eater 

Melanie Potock


A Sensory Motor Approach for Poor Diet Texture Progression 

Debra Beckman


Circle of Security 

Dr Kent Hoffman & Dr Glenn Cooper


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Avoidant / Restrictive Food Intake Disorder CBT-AR for ARFID

Dr Kamryn Eddy & Dr Jennifer Thomas


Feeding Therapy: It’s Not Just about Swallowing 

Melanie Potock


Grade the ASK : A Sensitive Strategy for Careful and Successful New Food Trying 

Marsha Dunn Klein


Hanen It Takes Two To Talk


Infant and Neonatal Feeding

Dr Pamela Doddrill & Dr Kelly Weir


Infant mental health

Mealtime Miseries

Elizabeth Clawson & Carol Elliot

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of Swallow (NMES, or Vitalstim)


Paediatric Cervical Auscultation 

Dr Julie Cichero


Paediatric dysphagia: The A-Z of the IDDSI Framework, fussy eating and medication administration in babies and children

Dr Julie Cichero


Pediatric Feeding Disorders and Anxiety: Don't Feed the Monster 

Melanie Potock & Dr Jonathan Dalton



Dr Roslyn Ward


SENSE-ational Mealtimes 

Gillian Griffiths


The Developing Brain

Nathan Mikaere Wallis


Tube Weaning 

Dr Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer & Dr Peter Scheer


Videofluroscopy Swallow X-rays (Modified Barium Swallow, or Videofluroscopic Swallow Study/VFSS)


When Children Won’t Eat: Picky Eaters vs Problem Feeders. Assessment and Treatment using the SOS Approach to Feeding

Dr Kay Toomey and Bethany Kortsha