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Can I provide feeding therapy?

In Australia, there are a fair few health professionals who could be involved in supporting a family with feeding and mealtimes. Speech pathologists and occupational therapists are the most common allied health team members you'll see doing hands-on feeding therapy. Feeding therapy should only be offered by health professionals who have additional training specific to the area.

I'm a new grad therapist, can I do Next Bite courses?

Absolutely. Congratulations! Welcome to life as a therapist! We create courses and resources for speech pathologists and occupational therapists with foundation skills in paediatric feeding, as well as those who are new to the area.

I'm a student, can I do Next Bite courses?

We remember what it's like to be an allied health student who's super interested in getting experience in paediatric feeding. Get an edge on your peers and start your feeding PD with Next Bite before graduating!

I've been around the block a few times, have you got courses I'll actually learn something from?

We're big believers in life-long learning at Next Bite. Look out in the course description for an indicator of our target audience, which will sometimes be clinicians with advanced skills!